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our Story

We Care About Your Feet! is managed by committee certified pediatricians (c-ped) who are well educated in biomechanics, gait types, and foot related medical conditions. We do not diagnose. Our aim is to provide effective information, education and high-quality products. We are not here just to sell you a product. We hope you have the right product for your foot type, gait, or pathology management. We hope you feel better. Therefore, we continue to study and improve our products to make them more comfortable, safe.

Our Commitment

We work with some of the best insoles and correction companies internationally. Many of the products we offer are designed by podiatrists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, and other medical professionals. We all have a lot of well-known corrective medical institutions working together with us, and we are constantly increasing our investment in this aspect to upgrade our products. We work together to solve your footsteps to support, make your footsteps more comfortable!

We know that when your foot is hurt, it affects your whole life. From the moment you get up in the morning, your feet support you throughout the day. When you have foot pain, it makes it harder for every task you do. Hundreds of thousands of people benefit greatly from the use of high-quality over-the-counter orthoses. Medical professionals in is working together to provide you with premium insoles at an affordable price. A little extra support will help greatly!